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Student Aid Report (SAR)

Students will receive an emailed copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) a few days after submitting the FAFSA. This is sent to the email listed on the FAFSA. Students should review the SAR results and keep a copy with their permanent records.

General Information

A few days after filing your online FAFSA, a link to the Student Aid Report or SAR will be sent to the e-mail address supplied on the FAFSA. The SAR outlines all the information provided on the FAFSA, states who signed the FAFSA, and includes the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  If the EFC is not included on the SAR, contact our office immediately.  Certain information may still be needed to calculate the EFC.  If a mistake was made on the FAFSA, the SAR will identify the mistake(s) and explain how to fix it (them).

What to do with the SAR

When the SAR is received review it carefully to make sure it is correct and complete.  The SAR contains instructions on how to make corrections.  Corrections should be done accurately and in a timely manner.  It is best to go back to the FAFSA on the Web to make corrections.  Under “Returning User?” there is a link “Make Correction" which will guide a student through the correction process.  Contact our office two weeks after completing corrections to make sure we have received all corrections. 

If you make a correction to your SAR, you will receive an updated SAR. If you need to make more than one correction, be sure to use the correct transaction number. Always use the most recent SAR for making corrections.

Need More Help?

If you need more help correcting your SAR, call 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) or visit

FAFSA/Help Sites

Apply for financial aid at Virginia Tech by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The FAFSA on the Web Worksheet allows you to read and complete the questions before entering your information online. The questions are listed in the same order that they appear on the Web site.

FAFSA4caster will help you get an early start on the financial aid process by providing you with an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid.